Alima Deneke Interior Design was born out of a passion for a modern, eclectic design aesthetic that I felt was missing in the South.

I love to contrast the clean, sculptural lines of modern design with the warmth and texture of vintage textiles, plants and wood elements; bringing an organic modern style into each of my projects that is unique among southern designers. While hints of this style can be found in each of my projects, I am constantly evolving my designs as I collaborate with my clients, helping them perfect their vision for their home.

About Me: Alima Deneke


From a young age I loved creating beautiful rooms and playing with design. Always knowing I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and having no idea that interior design was an actual profession, I majored in finance. After college, I worked for several years in the banking industry, but it left me unsatisfied and in need of a creative outlet. After many requests over the years to help friends design bedrooms and nurseries, style their book shelves, choose paint colors, drapery fabric, furniture and more; I decided to make it official and Alima Deneke Interior Design was created in January of 2017.